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G15S static guards are highly trained and discipline with a reputation for being hardworking, courageous, dependable and versatile. We are confident that the static guard we provide will get the job done well. Their unique blend of personal qualities and specialist skills win respect where ever they deployed. 

G15S Nepalese guards are stationed at assignment where our client are more discerning and do not compromise on quality. Multi skilled trained Nepalese are extremely adaptable with our Malaysian security regulation and they are supremely equipped both mentally and physically to meet the requirement of even the most demanding occupation. 

Our local guards undergo practical and physical training to handle unforeseen circumstances. They are self-motivated, details oriented and able to function under pressure in any environment. G15S static local personal are taught to handle numerous task simultaneously and meticulously. Our guards are able to take initiative, prioritise with minimal supervision and work independently, as well as part of the team.